Loan to Own

We are always looking to make solutions here at Esquire Autos Customs; LOAN TO OWN is the newest platform.

We narrow down our loan to own applicants based on their work pay schedule and create the agreements it's as simple as that.

What more do you need? Come in get certified right away and then take the vehicle of your choice.

Simple loan to own requires the following.

Proof of Insurance

With our great response team, we will be able to source the right insurances for you!

If insurance is needed then extra charges will incur.

If insurance is not needed then valid proof is necessary

2 pieces of ID

Valid Ontario or North American Drivers License. 

And another piece of government ID (health card, birth certificate, social insurance card, etc)

$500 Credit card Deposit with $500 safety deposit

(both of which are refundable after expenses)

When it's hard to come with down payments for vehicles we help bridge the gap.

We loan you the vehicle and you make weekly or bi-weekly payments until you pay off the entire vehicle.

Please fill out the waiver/application.

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